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Imparting Live by the Word of God and the Spirit of God

Vision and Mission


Growing Ministries through Fellowship, Mentorship and Training

Meeting the Needs of Ministers

Every day, men and women in ministry are pouring out their lives for the needs of the Body of Christ. But who meets the special needs of these ministers of the Gospel; the need to be encouraged, inspired and connected with others who face the challenges of leadership?

My Mission

Since 1986 to the present, Ed Arcton have pull together leaders from different background to provide for one another an environment and support system for healthy, growing ministers and ministries through fellowship, inspiration, mentorship and training.


Inspiration and mentorship has been a foundational goal of my Calling and Ministry. Just as you know, as a minister of the Word, you are constantly giving of yourself to influence and inspire others. You need inspiration too. Whether by one-on-one relationships, through our published materials, such as the Faith Testimonies, the Prayer Network, Leaders network or regional and international conferences, you will be inspired to complete your ministry calling.


By providing this structure you can maximize your effectiveness in ministry, acquire opportunities for fellowship, mentorship, inspiration and training, and receive from one another “that which every joint supplies.”


Fellowship is “joint participation.” Victory is always easier with someone at your side who knows what it means to hold up standard of faith in your life and ministry to the Body of Christ. Ed Arcton provides fellowship with other ministers of like precious faith in your area and throughout the world.


Training and mentoring give you the strength and insight to finish the course. Through its varied training opportunities, Ed Arcton helps many fulfill the Biblical commandment to love one another and the biblical commission to equip leaders to GO and make disciple that make disciples. Grass roots mentoring relationships, structured workshops, and discipleship materials help you take advantage of the experiences of others who have walk the walk faithfully, they know the way and worked through the same challenges you face in ministry.


What are the results? Building healthy Relationships, making use of available tools and encouragement from other ministers provides a solid foundation for multiplication and effective ministry. Having this in mind; the sense of assurance and confident, that I’m not alone in this journey of faith.