Imparting Lives with the Word of God by the Spirit of God

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Imparting Live by the Word of God and the Spirit of God



Welcome to Center For World Prayer Command

Prayer Ministry Team

Praying Together is made up of people who desire to offer a variety of prayer opportunities at Prayerforce.

Our prayerforce team meets constantly to intercede for many in our calendar table and to receives prayer request from many, both far and near on weekly, monthly and yearly. We are grateful for any suggestions about ways to deepen the prayer life for many and for the church globally.

While not, consider strengthening and enlarging our prayerforce ministry by joining the team here.

Do You Have A Prayer Room/War Room

The Center For World Prayer Command is designed to encourage Christian community to have a place for quiet time meditation, contemplation, and conversation with God, and with those who may wish to pray with you as a small group.

It is a quiet time. It’s a comfortable room. It is an inviting room. As our prayer life grows, it should be a room with which all of us should become familiar and enjoy the presence of the Lord.

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